Dave LewisDave Lewis: David served with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service for some 28 years and throughout this time he has gained a wide range of experience whilst working within a number of core disciplines including fire ground operations, fire safety, project team working, fire risk assessments, head of press and public relations. Prior to retiring in March 2006 David had strategic responsibility for five departments at county wide level including Community Safety, Crime & Disorder, Statistics, Arson Reduction & Fire Investigation. David has been directly involved in IRMP within his areas of responsibility with an emphasis on prevention and protection. Formally he also had strategic responsibility for the Water and Publicity departments. David has a wide range and depth of experience in conducting research projects.

In 1990 he was a member of the Service’s Command & Control Project Team working exclusively on a 3-year project to introduce a new Control Room and Command & Control system at Fire Service Head Quarters. Working within a large multi million pound project provided a bespoke experience into project management that has served him with well throughout his career. Prior to retiring from the service David had been directly responsible for a number of research projects that have seen the development of new strategies and structures for the following areas of Service Delivery; Press & Public Relations, Community Safety, Statistics and Crime & Disorder, Sponsorship and Visual Aids. This work directly influenced the development of the services’ IRMPs over a number of years especially in relation to community safety risk based allocation of resources and wider crime & disorder partnership working. Following his retirement worked on the final stages of the ODPM Risk Terminology project assisting the project team to reach a successful conclusion.

David is currently acting as the deputy Project Manager on the CLG legislative base for IRMP national project. Whilst serving in Greater Manchester David studied for three years gaining CMS, DMS and ultimately the MBA degree. The main research project undertaken whilst studying in the final year of his MBA centred on Community Fire Safety delivery throughout Greater Manchester and this involved a huge amount of internal and external research resulting in a 25,000 word dissertation. In addition to being adopted within Greater Manchester this work was presented to the National Community Fire Safety Centre and assisted in formulating national Community Safety policy. The learning outcomes and principles associated with the research elements of the MBA have provided unique managerial skills and abilities that enable David to confidently manage research projects in any given area.

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