Dave Berry - Chairman:  Until April 2005 Dave was appointed under Royal Warrent as one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Fire Services. In this role he was primarily responsible for the provision of verbal, written and published advice, initially to the Home Office and then subsequently to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, other government department’s officials, and the fire and rescue service, on matters related to fire safety standards in building design and fire safety engineering.

Dave has been a lecturer on numerous courses at the Fire Service College and various academic institutions. He represented the Home Office on the Building Regulations Advisory Committee and was responsible for all the technical interactions with the Building Regulations Division and fire service policy areas. He was also a member of the Home Office Fire Safety Advisory Board and Chairman of its Fire Safety Standards sub committee.

In his liaison role on behalf of the Home Office, and working with the building industry, he provided much of the background material for the previous and current Approved Document B in support of the Building Regulations and was responsible for liaison with industry groups such as the then Passive Fire Protection Federation.

He has been responsible for driving forward much of the development of fire safety and fire engineering, both inside and outside of the fire and rescue service. There have been two major influences on his work over the years. These are:
Ensuring the safety of building occupants and fire fighters, by developing guidance for designers and occupiers, and ensuring that building design properly reflects fire service operational procedures and equipment; and Ensuring that all the different disciplines involved in the fire safety of people in buildings, understand how their areas of responsibility, their systems or products, interact to produce the fire safe environment.

Dave has been a member or chairman of numerous British Standards (BSI), European Standards (CEN), and International Standards (ISO) committees related to the fire safety of building design and the provision of active and passive fire safety systems. In these roles he has chaired the committees that produced the BS Code on Atria Buildings (BS 5588: Part 7), and that developed the Fire Safety Engineering guidance on Evacuation (BS 7974: PD 5); was a member of the committee that took the Fire Safety Engineering Draft Document (BS DD 240) and turned that into a full British Standard (BS 7974); and vice-chairman of the committee that introduced the concept of risk based ‘prescriptive’ guidance for fire safety (BS DD: 9999) - he went on to lead the development of the guidance on Means of Escape and on Fire Safety Management.

Dave retired from government in April 2005, however he remains a Chairman or member of a number of British Standards committees, and other working party’s or groups such as the Fire Sector Federation, where he continues to work on the development of an approach that integrates all the disciplines involved in the management of the fire risk in the community.

He works with the Structural Timber Association (formerly the UKTFA) to help them develop policies and working relationships with the UK Fire & Rescue Services, and is working with the RNLI assisting them in developing policies and procedures for managing fire safety throughout their estate.


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