Fire Risk Assessments  ... FARMSS has BAFE SP205 Company accreditation for life safety fire risk assessment providing peace of mind for our clients from as little as £450 (plus VAFire Risk Assessment PlanT). All fire risk assessments are conducted by highly experienced Fire Safety engineers with a Fire & Rescue Service background. Our tailor-made solutions will fully meet your legal requirements,and afford the optimum business protection.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and to provide a no obligation quotation. We are so confident in our personnel, products and services that we are prepared to offer a full money back guarantee if you aren’t 100% satisfied with our service, book with confidence today.

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At FARMSS we firmly believe that each organisation should have a tailor-made solution to fully meet their fire safety needs in terms of prevention & protection. These fire safety measures become policies and procedures that are incorporated into your ‘core’ daily business activity; thus protecting your workforce and public and ensuring business continuity.

FARMSS provides a wide range of specialist fire safety training courses and ongoing support measures that enables organisations to fully meet their statutory and moral obligations within the Regulatory Reform Order (RRO). Alternatively we can provide a full professional fire risk assessment process service that offers a ‘cost effective’ solution for your organisation that will ensure full compliance with the RRO.

What are the implications of not having an adequate Fire Risk Assessment?

If a fire occurs the enforcing authority could prosecute the responsible person, this could result in a large fine or in extreme cases imprisonment. Employees and other people using the building could sue your organisation for failing to protect their safety. Your insurance company may challenge your claim for failing to have an adequate fire risk assessment.

For a cost effective solution please see commercial training courses or click on the link below to register an interest in our professional fire risk assessment service. 

 FARMSS Fire Risk Assessment Gold Standard

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Please read our Terms and Conditions)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Please read our Terms and Conditions)

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